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Warp Drive Paracentric High Gain Filter. Imagine a high gain amp in a pedal with an active EQ that you can pin point to tones spanning all generations of hard rock and heavy metal and here you have it in the Warp Drive.

*** The expression input only works with the Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression pedal *** This is due to the fact custom components are involved in both the Warp Drive and EP-1 Expression pedal to get the desired effect.

Warp Drive

£139.00 Regular Price
£111.20Sale Price
  • Parametric EQ with adjustable High Gain distortion (Many different tonal palettes of high gain distortion available)
  •  Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Full spectrum of guitar amplifier tone)
  • Dual channel, with or without noise gate function (switchable Rhythm (with noise gate) and lead channels without noise gate)
  • Frequency control knob sweep control via expression pedal (high gain distortion frequency changes on the fly)
  •  Warp Drive high gain Wah Wah function via expression pedal (high gain wah wah tones with no tone sucking)
  • Warp Drive high gain Phaser function on via expression pedal (high gain phaser tones with no tone sucking)
  • 9v Power supply centre negative (low power consumption)
  • Quick Change Battery Box (quick change over of battery)