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The PDF-1X is a Ltd Edition hybrid pedal combining a new volume booster, quieter operation, increased dB of additional 15+ dB and the attributes of the original PDF-1 and PDF-2 pedals combined. 


The first 200 pieces are signed by McBess and come with exclusive merchandise to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the formation of Stone Deaf and the release of the PDF-1 as used by Josh Homme and many more artists.

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Volume Booster

Up to 40dB of boost and cut to play quietly in your bedroom or to boost amps into lush overdrive and distortion. Available in clean or clipped modes. The addition of the volume control allows you to boost amplifiers or other devices even further. 

Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive

The adjustable gain trim pot inside the pedal is a "set and forget" function and this enables you to set it as a fuzz or distortion pedal. You can get certain sweet spots in your rig by pushing other devices and amplifiers with the extra clipping of the pedal or use it as dual channel booster.


The expression input allows you to use the Stone Deaf EP-1 to get boosted wah tones and phaser tones from the PDF-1X as well as on the fly tone control on the wider bandwidth settings. Its extremely versatile as an extra feature.

Parametric EQ

The studio quality EQ allows you to tailor your tone for the full frequency of response of any guitar or bass amp speaker. From 35hz - 6khz. Pin point your tone with the 5 positions bandwidth switch enabling you to cut unwanted frequencies or boost the sweet spot of your pedal chain or amplifier signal.

The History behind the pedal

Back in September 2009 what started as a hobby due to an obsession of collecting rare and vintage guitar pedals enabled Stone Deaf to be formed. The PDF-1 was based on the Maestro MPF-1 which was used by Josh Homme on countless QOTSA records. With the additional inspiration of Josh Homme who in our opinion is an absolute tone monster, we set out to develop our first product the PDF-1. We launched the first batch in 2010 with our first customer being Josh and our second customer being Mcbess. 


Fate is a wonderful thing because years later McBess would become one of our close friends and contributors to the brand, giving our products superb illustration and branding into the future. 

So we celebrate the short journey we have been on, the ups and downs of 10 years in business with this exclusive pedal for new and existing customers.