High-Gain Distortion

Warp Drive


The Warp Drive saturates your signal with enough sonic power to make the Death Star look like a water pistol. But this heavy distortion pedal is far from a one-trick pony, with a full palette of high-gain distortion that’s out of this world.
Warp Drive


Too much gain for one planet to handle. With all the bells and whistles to make it musical instead of maddening. From full parametric EQ control to a built-in noise gate, the Warp Drive doesn’t just open the door to new tones. It kicks the door in.

Like the rest of the Stone Deaf family of drive pedals, the Warp Drive is designed to give you functionality and flexibility without becoming a pain to operate. Classic high-gain tones are always a stomp away, but if you take the time to delve into the Warp Drive’s box of tricks, you’ll discover a sound and feel that’s all your own.

Key to this is the same parametric EQ control that we’ve made our signature on pedals like the PDF-1X. When paired with the Warp Drive’s limitless reservoir of gain, this precise tone control makes it quick and easy to scoop the mids for a classic industrial sound, focus them for modern metal chugging, or explore something completely different.

The Warp Drive can also act as a high-gain noise gate pedal, thanks to a second, gated channel. By toggling between that and the ungated channel, you can instantly switch between holding down a thunderous riff and shredding over the top of one.

Last but not least, the Warp Drive has the EP-1 Expression Pedal compatibility that our distortions, overdrives, and fuzzes are famous for – delivering phaser and wah sounds with a distinctly modern edge.

Warp Drive


  • Suitable for use with guitars and basses.
  • Power requirements: 9VDC center negative (55mA minimum).
  • Switching: True bypass.
  • Frequency sweep can be controlled with the Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression Pedal. We use the best components to get the best results, so other expression pedals won’t work.
  • Built by hand in Manchester, United Kingdom.
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