EQ-Filtering Overdrive



The PDF-1 became a modern classic for a reason, but we always knew there was room for improvement, and that’s exactly what the PDF-2 delivers. Versatile, intuitive, and unique, there’s nothing quite like it.


The original PDF-1 put Stone Deaf on the map, evolving the legendary Maestro MPF-1 and dragging it into the 21st century. The PDF-2 turns things up a notch, bringing more gain and more flexibility for the ultimate overdrive and distortion effect.

Let’s start with the PDF-2’s heritage. The PDF-1 was our first ever effect pedal, picking up where one of the best guitar pedals ever made left off, and finding a place on pedalboards across the world – with fans like Josh Homme and Nick Valensi.

The PDF-2 is its newer, shinier younger brother, with a lower noise floor, an adjustable gain control, and dual footswitches for hands-free toggling between the clean and dirty channels. Everything people love about the original, with a whole new set of tricks.

It’s a difficult pedal to categorise – but where’s the fun in fitting into a box. Parametric EQ. Overdrive. Distortion. Fuzz. The PDF-2 delivers on all fronts, and it works with everything from guitars and basses to drums, synths, and electric pianos. One pedal. Endless opportunities for sonic mayhem.

Rugged enough to stand up to even the hardest of touring regimes, the PDF-2 also works with our ‘secret weapon’, the EP-1 Expression Pedal. When the two are connected, you can manually sweep the frequency of the parametric EQ for analogue wah and phaser sounds, and a whole new spectrum of sonic versatility.



  • Suitable for use with guitars and basses.
  • Power requirements: 9VDC center negative (35mA minimum).
  • Switching: True bypass.
  • Frequency sweep can be controlled with the Stone Deaf EP-1 Expression Pedal. We use the best components to get the best results, so other expression pedals won’t work.
  • Built by hand in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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