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Our drive pedals are already powerful and unique. With the EP-1, they become analog multi-effects units.


Expression pedals add depth and humanity to different types of guitar effects, but we think there’s plenty of potential to push further. The EP-1 takes our overdrive pedals to the next level, with wah, filtering, phasing, and a whole lot more.

Stone Deaf drive pedals are already versatile beasts – packing boost, fuzz, overdrive, and distortion together in uniquely voiced combinations to deliver tones that go from sweet and singing to ferocious and fizzing.

The EP-1 Expression Pedal makes them even more flexible, giving you direct, hands-free control over the frequency sweep of the onboard parametric EQ. The exact sound that this creates will depend a bit on how you have the pedal’s bandwidth and height set. Lower heights will scoop frequencies for a manual phaser effect. Higher, narrow settings give you futuristic synth-wah. It’s all there, letting you take your favourite dirt pedal and add a whole new set of strings to its bow.

The EP-1 uses a custom component (a C100K Rev Log pot, if you’re wondering), for precise analog control. That means it won’t work with other brands, and other expression pedals won’t work with Stone Deaf drives. It’s a custom pedal, and it gives you a custom sound you won’t find anywhere else.

The EP1 Expression Pedal


  • Suitable for use with all Stone Deaf drive pedals. (The EP-1 won’t work with other brands, or other Stone Deaf pedals like the Tremotron)
  • Power requirements: 9VDC center negative (20mA minimum).
  • Switching: True bypass.
  • Built by hand in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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