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The Original Stone Deaf Effects PDF-1

Stone Deaf is a company that specializes in creating digitally controlled analog and digital effects pedals for musicians and was founded in 2010 by Luke Hilton in Manchester, England.

As a company we have continued to build upon the success of the PDF-1, incorporating its unique active circuitry into a full range of drive and modulation pedals as well as valve amplifiers. We have always been focused on pushing the boundaries and creating something unique, rather than simply following trends. This dedication to innovation has made Stone Deaf one of only a handful of companies that have made products and conducted research into digitally controlled analog effects pedals.

Made up of musicians and engineers we are continuing to build upon our innovative ideas and solutions for sonic adventurers all over the world.

Since 2012 we have teamed up with McBess who is our artistic collaborator on our pedal designs fusing french satire and steam boat willy design work.

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